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Cabinet Refacing

If your cabinet doors and drawers are either unsuitable for refinishing or you're not fond of their current style, our cabinet refacing option is the perfect solution. With cabinet refacing, you open the door to endless possibilities with a variety of colors and finishes.

How Does It Work?

Start your journey with us by selecting a cabinet door style, paint color, or stain finish that aligns with your aesthetic preferences. In the artistry of refacing, our meticulous process begins with a thorough cleaning and precise sanding of the frames, ensuring an ideal surface for the new material to seamlessly adhere to. The subsequent step involves the skillful application of veneer, expertly smoothed for a flawless finish using advanced adhesives. Following this, excess material is carefully trimmed away before the installation of moldings, doors, and drawer fronts, enhancing your cabinets with a new level of elegance.

Our Work


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