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Cabinet Painting

This isn't your typical do-it-yourself cabinet painting. We elevate your current cabinets to a factory like finish, offering an array of colors limited only by your imagination. Wondering how we achieve such precision? We say "Goodbye" to paint brushes and rollers, and "Hello" to top-of-the-line sprayers.

Transforming cabinets into a work of art demands a higher level of expertise, a level beyond what most house painting companies possess. While many painters can handle the interior walls or exterior of your house with brushes and rollers, spraying a factory like finish on surfaces as demanding as your cabinets requires a unique skill set. Amateurs often struggle with this delicate task, and we understand that your cabinets deserve nothing less than the best.

Don't leave the fate of your cabinets to chance with inexperienced hands. Let us guide you to the flawless finish your kitchen cabinets deserve.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

To kick things off, we start by carefully removing knobs and handles from doors and drawers, making sure to tag each piece with a number for a smooth reassembly that preserves the original setup.​


Once doors and drawers are safely stashed away, we move on to the next step — meticulously covering the entire area. We're talking about a thorough masking and tenting operation. From floors and countertops to appliances and cabinet openings. 


​Now that your space is securely shielded, we dive into the critical steps of cleaning and prepping. We're not just wiping surfaces; we're giving those cabinets a thorough cleaning, getting rid of all the nasty stuff like dust, dirt, grease, and oils. After this thorough cleanse, we transition into the sanding phase, laying the groundwork for the primer application. These initial steps are non-negotiable; skipping them is like skipping the warm-up before a workout – you're asking for trouble.​


With cabinets looking spick and span, we move on to the next phase — applying primer. A meticulous buff sanding comes next to ensure there's no lingering roughness, leading us to the grand finale — spraying the finish. Once the finish is dry to touch, we are able to remove the masking and tenting, so you are able to use your kitchen as normal while the doors and drawers are finished. The final step in our process is to return and reinstall the doors and drawers for a finished product. ​


And just like that, in a matter of days, your space is reborn!​

What Does It Look Like? 

Maple cabinets before photo
Step 1: Doors & drawers removed
D/D Down
Step 2: Kitchen masked
Step 3: Primed, buffsanded, painted
Primed & Painted
Cabinet painting project complete.

Our Work


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