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Cabinet Painting With A Factory Finish

Cabinet Painting With A Factory Finish

Our Process:

Painting kitchen cabinets requires specialized skills. There is a correct way and wrong way to doing this home improvement project. Many of the cabinets we’ve seen painted are not done the correct way. Kitchen cabinets are a unique place in your home that you utilize a great deal. Since your cabinets are touched, opened and interacted with constantly they require special treatment. They are not like the walls in your home that are typically untouched. Therefore, you need to have your cabinets painted the right way.

When you are painting kitchen cabinets, the foundation is very important. Here’s a brief overview of the preparation and process we follow when painting kitchen cabinets:

- Cover and protect all surfaces
- Remove all hardware
- Remove and label all doors and drawers
- Clean all surfaces to remove contaminants
- Scuff sand all surfaces with sandpaper to ensure adhesion of primer
- Wipe down all surfaces so they are free from dust
- Apply bonding and/or stain blocking primer
- Buff sand
- Apply finish coat
- Remove masking
- Install door/drawer fronts

Products Used:

Equipment Used:
We utilize an HVLP sprayer that is specifically intended for small, detailed projects and gives the best finish.

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